Private Yacht Rentals – The Ultimate Luxury On Water


When people think of vacations over water, they immediately think of luxury cruises. These cruises are often offered on huge cruise ships which regularly ply the most popular island vacation destinations. However, for those who can afford it, true luxury over water comes in the form of private yacht rentals. There is nothing that compares to having a yacht for your exclusive use for the duration of your vacation cruise. People might say that having your own private yacht – not just a rented one – is the ultimate in luxury. But that seems more like a very impractical choice when there are lots of very beautiful yachts available for rent. This article on offers tips on chartering a private yacht.

Types Of Private Yacht Rentals

Most private yacht rentals nowadays are for motor yachts; there are very few sailing yachts on offer. Other than that, you can choose crewed yacht rentals or a bareboat charter.

Crewed yacht charters, as the name suggests, is where the yacht comes with its crew. Usually that consists of a captain and other crew members tasked with running yacht and taking her where you want to go. This is a popular choice because, generally, people on vacation can do without the hassle of having to worry about running the yacht; a vacation is what they want.

Really luxurious crewed private yacht rentals also include the other people who will pamper you. There are cooks, stewards, room cleaning, and even a butler if that is what you want. If you want gourmet food to be served on board, you can hire a chef for the duration of your private yacht cruise. There are yachts complete with equipment to provide you with a choice of activities during your cruise. There may be equipment for snorkeling, fishing, kayaking, knee boarding, jet skis, etc. If you require equipment for activities they do not ordinarily cover, yacht owners will usually arrange to get them for you.

Bareboat yacht charters are for those who either want more control, or those who are on tight budgets. A bareboat yacht charter allows you to steer your boat to its destinations and will provide the satisfaction of meeting the challenge. In a bareboat charter, your only significant choice is which yacht to charter.

Other Considerations For Your Private Yacht Charter

One key consideration when choosing a yacht to charter is its size and capacity. This will be defined by the maximum number of guests you expect onboard. You would also need to plan for a yacht which supports the activities you expect your friends to be interested in. Some yachts have specialized diving platforms, fishing equipment, or jet skis.

The yacht you charter should be robust enough and be able to meet the minimum seaworthiness requirements of each of your destinations. If you are going to do a lot of island hopping, you may want a small rubber dinghy with a small outboard motor.

The last thing you need to determine is the duration of your charter. A luxurious yacht cruise should be long enough for your planned activities, but not too long it burns a hole in your pocket.